18 December 2007

Real Life

Today is New Girl's birthday.

On Sunday her ex-boyfriend gave her a rather expensive (and really good) painting and her ex-husband came over and hung it for her.

I think her current boyfriend is really regretting just getting her a DVD. But, hey, it is Hot Fuzz.


New Girl said...

Is all ok... I told him his present was so perfect it made me squeal when I opened it this morning. He was pleased with that. This was after he sang to me. With THAT ACCENT of his...
Mmmm. Dreamy. Biege. No, wait. Not beige, just dreamy.

Lonie Polony said...

S'okay. Nothing says 'Happy Birthday, I love you!' like footage of some guy getting his head smashed in by a large pointy chunk of church masonry ;)