19 December 2007


"So what is lupus?" asked The Burp. "On House they always reckon the patient has lupus and then it turns out to be something else."

We were chez Burp and something had come up about how years ago Bloody Ern had been diagnosed with lupus. He was originally told he had arthritis and this had thrown him instantly into a black well of despair. A few weeks later when he was given the updated news that actually what he had was lupus he was so relieved to know he would still be able to handle a fishing rod and a welder and a gun for years to come (not to mention tie his own sarongs) he was positively chipper about the news.

Little did he realise lupus was going to be the least of his problems. Surprise!

"I don't know exactly. It's one of those autoimmune thingummybobs. Ern used to love saying he had 'poor man's HIV'."

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