19 December 2007

Dropping Part One

The Burp and sons dropped by our place so I could sign some forms for her.

Bay Leaf lay face down on the couch shrieking with embarrassment while The Burp told me what he'd said on the way over. He'd asked his mother if I'd designed our house. The Burp told him no, that the house was old and someone else had planned and done the renovations before we were gouged...I mean we paid for it.

"Well," said Bay Leaf, "hazelblackberry is very arty and crafty and it certainly looks like the kind of thing she'd design."

Let's give the kid a hand, folks! I gave him a kiss and thought about how much I'm going to miss those little buggers, Bay Leaf and his brother.

Then one of them farted and I banished them from my home for ever more.

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