19 December 2007

Dropping Part Two

Which leads me neatly into this story...

My friend QEII, who rarely gets a mention on these pages, came round for our annual Christmas dinner and swapping of presents. She's addicted to A Current Affair - no comment - and begged us to watch it. I didn't care and Grumpy acquiesced...grumpily.

This quality, hard-hitting news program was running a story on Natasha Ryan and her refusal to explain or apologise for her disappearance all those years ago. The reporter spoke to a male friend of hers who had at the time been suspected of being responsible for her disappearance. Then our intrepid journalist asked the boy's father how he'd felt when Natasha had suddenly reappeared five years later. To my never-ending delight he replied:

"My heart stopped. My guts dropped."

If QEII is going to bring that kind of entertainment into our home, she can come round any time.


k. said...

Who is this bloke? Christie Allen?

Karen said...

So you're real name is Debbie then?

Sorry to post this comment here. It really belongs two posts up, but you didn't allow comments on that one.

Probably because of your silly mistake in revealing your real name.

hazelblackberry said...

I don't like to be fussy about these things, but I do prefer Deborah.