11 July 2010

Crochet Museum

Now, I couldn't tell a crochet hook from a shepherd's crook, but I know a quality museum when I see one. This fascinating little number is to be found in the desert town of Joshua Tree, California. It sits behind a very small and rather odd little residential and art complex called The Art Queen.

The museum is housed in a converted photo booth and it contains everything you could possibly want of a crocheted nature. And more.

The photo booth remains unlocked and open to all at any time, which I think is both trusting and charming. Little note pads hang on the wall for grateful visitors to jot their thoughts. Some take it more seriously than others:

Flicking through the visitor comments I saw reference to the fact that amongst the doilies and the dollies, there was a crocheted taco. I ransacked the place until I found it. Bon appetit!


Shirley said...

Would that the rest of the world would take a lesson from the crochet museum. And that there would be some iced coffee and biscuits next door.

Runny Thinker said...

Is that sign written in Scrabble (TM) letters?

boysrus said...

You were in California! I hope you had a wonderful time.

I have definitely got to check out that place. How quaint! :-)

thegentlemanadministrator said...

Is it wrong that the crochet Tacho made me hungry. The answer is yes. What a wonderful albeit scary place, thanks for sharing and imbedding it in my subconcious.

The Burp said...

I Love the crochet tacho!!!! Gave me a much needed LOL!!

jim said...

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