11 July 2010

Not Ringo

Inge de Bruin rounded her family up, herded them to King's Park and asked me to come along to take photos of them all - precious family memories blah blah. They proved to be quite an unruly bunch so I was very glad my bossy friend was there to issue instructions and get the mob doing things I needed them to do.

Afterward we repaired to the cafe for some refreshment. Inge's daughter, The Girl, wanted one of the giant chocolate biscuits studded in Smarties available in the display case. Inge told her she could have one as long as she shared it with her brother, The Boy. The Girl was not overly pleased with this compromise solution. The Boy was nearby. He leaned on his mother's shoulder and said, "Mum, you should let her have a whole one; she can eat a whole one."

I was marvelling at the gallantry of the nine-year-old lad when the little sod added, "And I can too!"

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