24 April 2010

Except This

I arrived at RobertPlant's haus on Saturday arvo prior to us heading off with New Girl to see Spandau Ballet & Tears for Fears. He wasn't yet dressed, there was a Small Thing running free, a dog barking and no Tam O'Shanter to be seen. Even though this is a typical state of affairs I let it get me a little hot under the collar, and I may have been a trifle short with him. Or torn strips, depending upon your point of view. As always, he seemed unmoved, which only serves to get me more irate. I huffed off to the lounge room to wait.

Eventually we were out the door, with much eye-rolling from me.

As we were leaving the haus, RP waved his horrific sombrero at me and asked if I'd carry it. I looked at his completely unencumbered form. "What the maldicion? Why are you expecting me to carry your maldicion hat?"

"Because," he said, bending down and picking up a giant stack of books, "I'm carrying a present for you."

You know, it was fabulous weather and a fantastic show. I got really drunk.

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lahikmajoe said...

It's always nice to get a glimpse of other's domestic bliss.

Thanks for making me smile with this blogpost.