24 April 2010

And This (Bitty)

Man Hands came home from working down pit. New Girl and I were drinking (guzzling) champers and watching a show on women who breastfeed their children for, essentially, as long as the child wants it. Man Hands took a seat in front of the telly, unawares, and it wasn't long before his mouth was agape. And, yes, I think he was expressing* affrontedness, not a sudden thirst.

It finally got too much and he insisted the channel be changed. We landed on a cooking show. You wouldn't credit it.

"Look at that, darling," said New Girl. "A rack of lamb."



Lauralee said...

ooookaaay.... I read the blog. Hope I learned me a thing or two. Really cool writing. I hope you post again. Let me know if you do.

Prudence says said...

Dear Hazel

Please come back. I miss you