02 February 2010

I'll start with this:

So when I told RobertPlant that, as it turns out, I have a sister, he told me that he was convening a meeting of the Only Children's Club and, as president and treasurer, would move and second a motion* that my membership be terminated with extreme prejudice.

He's jealous.

However, the news has given Tam O'Shanter hope. She thinks that like my half-sister, she'll wake one magical, golden morning to learn that she is also adopted.

*A messy business. Glad I won't be present for it.


Prudence says said...

Can one be a born-again only child?

Prudence says said...

If we're going to talk about membership termination with extreme prejudice?

The Burp said...

I still can't believe it!

Sorry to use an old 80's expression but...

"What a spin out!"

hazelblackberry said...

Yes, I'm ever so slightly spun out.