08 January 2010

Bring it on, bring it on.

New Girl and I have been time travelling.

We decided whilst chatting on the phone that since my office is located east of hers, I was speaking to her from the future. I told her I was eating a muffin to help quell my irritation at something. She was impressed to hear that in the future we finally have muffins. She's heard of them.

It seems that a text message I'd sent to her prior to our phone call hadn't arrived - caught in the time warp, obviously. New Girl has a solution: from now on, when I need to text her from work, I need to drive to the beach so I'm west of her and send my message from there. That all sounds like too much work falling on to my shoulders. What I suggested instead is that I call her - since telephones seemingly remain immune from these time passages - tell her I need to send her a text, get her to drive east of here, to the WACA or something, and wait there to get my message. Simple!

These are the kind of problem-solving skills that propel us ever onward and upward in our careers.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow I will post a comment, which you should receive yesterday, since I´m west of you (or east when you travel back in time).

hazelblackberry said...

It's all so clear.

New Girl said...

I'm speaking to you from the past!! Woooooooooo-ooooooooo!

In the future (your: 'now') I will simply call you, tell you that I am sending a text, then I'll type the deets into my mobile phone and have the phone delivered to you via courier. Then I'll wait for you to leave my phone somewhere (*in The Future*) where I can just pick it up again and put it back in my handbag. If you need to text me from the future you can arrange to have it skywritten at the end of the day and I'll see it earlier that same morning. You'll be able to afford the skywriting as you can play the stockmarket to your advantage having knowledge of future PE ratios and the like.

Order me a spacesuit with two muffin-shaped pockets. I might need to tip the courier.

new girl said...

hey - cool new pic! You look fab!

Twenty Ten is so the year of the soft pink. Pantone don't know nothing.

k said...

I know it is stating the obvious to say that you two have too much time on your hands, but... you two have too much time on your hands.

Prudence says said...

And if we think about this in terms of string theory, it would appear as a double clove hitch, executed in pretty pink satin ribbon, with curled ends!