06 January 2010


So you're all wondering, all two of you, if I made it. Well, I'm here so apparently I did.

Inge took my news with good grace. I decided to get it all out as we drove up to Kings Park. I figured she'd keep control behind the wheel of a car: she may want to kill me but is a cool enough customer not to take herself out in the process. She listened to me and remained calm and even agreed that it was probably a good idea, especially as it gives her dad extra time to build us a boat. I should have known to be wary of such cheery acquiescence.

There was a sting. As always.

After we'd done our run, Inge hoisted my barely breathing body into her car and we went out for some revitalising Vietnamese food. They were happy enough at the restaurant to let Inge in but when it came to my entry, it seems they would prefer customers who don't come in on all fours, sobbing and dripping sweat. As I sat slumped over the life-giving force that is stir-fried snow peas and steamed rice, Inge put to me her three year plan: we'll run the City to Surf in 2010, do the Avon Descent in 2011 and then, my friends, what I have apparently agreed to is walking the Kokoda trail with her in 2012.

But I was clinically dead at the time. My head was only nodding because rigor mortis hadn't yet set in.


Belongum said...

Ever heard of the Peter Evans Memorial Marathon - held here in Perth? I lost a bet once and had to compete in it. I hurt for days after (I was only 20 lol). A Military (army) marathon with all of your kit as a rough 20 km 'figure of eight'.

One loop around the Swan River's edge between both bridges leading into the city, and then up and around Kings Park. Team and Individuals could enter - military only. I don't think they do it anymore... just as bloody well!

I've NEVER lost a bet like THAT - again! I can't imagine one now at 41 - sod that!!! ;-)

Karen said...

"it gives her dad extra time to build us a boat"

Does her dad know about this?

hazelblackberry said...

Belongum - that's be enough to put me off gambling for life.

Karen- yes, her dad does know. We are trying to lessen his disappointment by pointing out that he has more time for building!

Prudence says said...

But even 2011 gives you enough time to fake your own death and disappear...

JahTeh said...

You're saved! The world is supposed to end in 2012 and if you get as far as Kokoda it probably will for you.

doorbitch says sludging, which is apparently what happens on the track.

Anonymous said...

The Kokoda is suicidal, Hazelblackberry. To get out of it perhaps you can fake a pregnancy by then?

Anonymous said...

I swear, the word ver. for this is "tornt"
I don't know whether to take it as "taunt" or "torn't" (could mean mscles, resolutions, who knows?

hazelblackberry said...

Prudence, Jah Teh, AnonymousG, this is why I keep a blog. So that people much smarter than me can suggest ways to wriggle out of my various predicaments.

AnonG, brilliant! Two years is also plenty of time for me to lay the groundwork for a fake boyfriend.