01 November 2009

Neither Afraid Nor Petrified

I got on the phone to k. to tell her I thought I'd perhaps seen the Hawt Will Ferrell look alike at the lights as I was driving home.

"Only problem is, he was driving like a Murano or a CRV or something - you know, family man."

"Yeah, those are family men cars. He's probably got kids."

"Three beautiful kids. And, even worse, a wife."

"She'll be blonde and gorgeous."


"And she'll probably have one of those laughs."

"Ugh. One of those laughs."

"But let's face it, if that's the kind of woman he'd marry, you don't want to be with him."

Then we bickered for a while about the lyrics to I Will Survive. That's how we roll.


Karen said...

Then what?

k said...

I had to go and discipline a four year old - about how he rolls.

Lonie Polony said...

...I thought you meant Colin Farrell...I must say I'm perplexed at the reality...