08 November 2009


Somehow, on Friday, an impromptu work lunch was organised. I just got caught up in the flow. It's amazing how silly some people can get after one glass of wine. There'd been some fairly fruity talk around the table and then it turned most sensibly to cricket but was brought back to basics again when one fellow declared, "I've got a third leg."

"More like a middle stump," said Canned Ham.

Things continued on in this vein for some time, me stone cold sober, taking notes and trusting in prudence. I don't know how it happened, but my ears tuned in on the conversation of a pair a little further down the table. I only hoped that what they were talking about wasn't related to the rubbish going on around me, because I recoiled a little when I heard the guy say, "Well, I might as well cut mine off. It's half-dead anyway."

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