20 September 2009

Warning! Spoiler Alert!

I completely forgot that I'd made plans to catch up with k. this morning and trooped off to have breakfast with New Girl instead. k. rang me while I was out.

"All I have to say to you is: number two," she said by way of her opening gambit.

"Oh hello - what?"

"Number two."

"I don't understand."

"Don't worry, I'm talking about your list, not telling you you're in the shit."

"Ohhh. So you figured it out. Well done."

"Well, I knew about your grandmother, the John McEnroe one was too specific, and I think too highly of you to believe that you'd be stupid enough to risk life and limb leaping off a bridge with only a lacky band to protect you."

"Actually, I did line up to go bungee jumping but I couldn't be bothered waiting - the line was too long."

"I underestimated you. It wasn't brains that saved your life, it was impatience."

Well, what could she expect? I started out my educational life in a cave!

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Lonie Polony said...

Ah. Hope Granny was okay :)