04 June 2009

You'll note I said nothing about taste!

Inge de Bruin and I were dining at Chutney Mary's after Pilates. Inge was telling me how a member of her staff asked her out by email. When I say "asked her out", what I mean is suggested they have the occasional casual encounter - you know, whenever the mood struck them. She declined the thrilling offer. But my fork kind of clattered to my plate when she followed this up by telling me that her plan had then been to maybe try to set me up with this guy. Seeing as he's lonely and, er, everything.

What I meant to say: I don't want to be set up with that idiot! He has no regard for the fact that you're his boss and things could get pretty awkward. Plus he did it via email. Plus it wasn't even a nice suggestion, it was icky. It seems to me this person lacks certain understandings and perhaps is even lagging behind in the basic intelligence department.

What I said: I don't want to be set up with someone who asked you out! Clearly he's completely lacking in judgement.

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JahTeh said...

It might have been worse, it could have been a group email.