04 June 2009

The Healer

I was just reading back through some blog posts from December and January, trying to find something I thought I'd blogged about, and even though I tried to keep what I wrote there more or less bright and breezy, each word brought back to me how low and hopeless I felt that whole time. I dragged every hour, every minute of those long, tear-soaked, doom-laden weeks around with me like a dead weight. I'm just glad it wasn't quite heavy enough to drag me under.

Thank God it's not December or January anymore. Thank God I don't have to still live with that seeming unending misery.

Big love and thanks to Bezley and my friends - New Girl, RobertPlant, k., Scarab, QEII, Boxer Girl, Inge de Bruin, The Burp and Heidi - for seeing me through it. And an especially big thanks to my counsellor, who is making all the difference. Not that he reads my blog - that wouldn't really be appropriate, would it?

I'd rate it right up there with asking your boss if she'd be interested in casual s3x.

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