10 June 2009

I don't have high blood pressure - but everyone around me does!

So the health and fitness people are walking the floors at work, doing their fortnightly crusade, getting people to have their blood pressure and cholesterol tested and all that. I acquiesced to having my blood pressure checked (122/77 - so there) but I forgot to ask what my heart rate was before they moved on with their little electronic box.

However, what that does remind me of is that at boot camp on Saturday I was talking to another woman about our respective plans for the weekend. I told her I had various outings on the cards but was just as inclined to stay at home, lying on the couch, enjoying repeat viewings of Colin Firth in his various Mr Darcy roles.

"Well," she said, "that'll certainly get your heart rate up."

"It sure will. But I don't know whether the experts recognise 'pitter patter' as being good for fitness."

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Mary Bennet said...

Fortnightly blood pressure tests? Gaad, your place must be made of money.

Our lot occasionally suggest we should donate blood and organise flu shots that cost us $25 which is $10 more than my GP charges.