02 May 2009

Watcha doin' in my waters?

Heidi and I took the kayaks out to Seal Island for a couple of hours of paddling and lolling on the ocean blue. And what a day for it: sunny, warm, the merest puff of breeze, clear and calm water, cormorants and pelicans swooping low over the sea, dolphins and seals swimming by to say hello.

Afterwards we walked through Freo, looking for somewhere that was still serving eggs on toast in the early arvo. We found it. I love walking barefoot on the footpath at this time of year, when the concrete is warm without being burning. It satisfies me.

Even with boot camp thrown into the mix this morning, it's pretty much been a perfect day.


new girl said...

Oh yes, agreed! Man Hands and I had a Freo breakfast at midday and then sat on the dock watching tugs meet ships and listening to a song about the ocean. Lovely day!

Carol said...

Hah! See, iPhone is totally teh awesome!

It was a loverly day on this side of the continent too - although I kind of wish it hadn't been as it messed with my pastry plans.

(and "joyfi" to you too, captcha thingy)

hazelblackberry said...

Carol, sorry to disappoint but these are old pics taken with a disposable waterproof camera. I would NEVAH take my iPhone out on the high seas. Unless aboard a luxury yacht.