02 May 2009


The ankle biters across the road are out in their front yard, screeching and groaning in a rather disturbing fashion. Maybe they've had limbs severed sans anaesthetic, maybe they're pretending to be monsters* - I wouldn't know, it all sounds the same to me.

This is why I have cats and not children. Pounce may scream a bit close to dinner time but a can of Fancy Feast generally shuts her up. I think the authorities frown on dishing up Fancy Feast to kids - even if you do give it to them on a proper plate with a knife and fork.

*But who am I trying to fool? Children never pretend to be monsters.


k said...

yes, next time I am giving birth to a fish - you just lay the eggs and off you go. No hanging around for nine months to make sure they're all ok, no need to stress about feeding or changing, no sleepless nights, just dump 'em and run.

k said...

or rather, dump em and swim