14 May 2009

Steeped in Sentiment

Last year Bezley and Cinderella both made sure they called me on the anniversary of Bloody Ern's demise (today). Neither of them mentioned it directly and I didn't even remember so I thought it was just one of those lovely things, that I'd got a phone call from not-quite-mother and not-quite-sister on the same day. It dawned on me about a week later.

This year I decided for Bezley's sake to make a special effort to remember and I gave her a quick call before I came into work. We had a bit of a chat and Ern's name didn't come up so I decided not to mention it.

"You know, I don't think Bezley remembered this year," I told QEII this morning.

QEII then went on to wax lyrical about how she always remembers because Ern died on Mother's Day, so each year she quickly checks the date around Mother's Day to remind herself.

"Also," she said after a bit, "My Foxtel bill is always due on the 14th so that makes it easier."

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