04 May 2009

Sideways Walking

A couple of weeks ago The Antiquer introduced me to a man who seemed like A Nice Chap.

"So have you cyber-stalked him yet?" he asked me last night. *Blush* - he knows me so well!

"I've done better than that - I rang him and asked him if he'd like to meet for a coffee."

"Really? And?"

"And nothing! I had to leave a message on his machine and I haven't heard back from him. Thanks for introducing me to yet another rude bastard."

"Cripes. I hope you haven't crabbed my deal."

"What deal?!"

"I think I've nearly got him lined up to buy all those law books up in the shed."

"You can't blame me if he doesn't buy them."

"Ooooh, I hope you haven't crabbed my deal."

"Shut up about crabbing your bloody deal or I'll be forced to remind you that you lost my mobile phone."


After 27 years, our relationship has evolved into a really beautiful thing.

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