03 May 2009

The Shoe Fits

Although I wasn't feeling particularly sociable, I agreed to meet Lost in Translation at the beach this arvo. I'm so glad I went; it was a blissful afternoon. We lolled on a blanket and chatted until the sun had set behind the clouds which emerged at the very end of the day.

Occasionally I got up and played with LiT's daughter, who wanted to build a sandcastle but then decided it should be a birthday cake. LiT marvelled at the way the floodlights lit the beach up like daytime. LiT loves being in Perth and I do too, so it's good to hang around with someone who isn't whinging all the time that Perth should be more like Melbourne (except, you know, with our beaches and open spaces and weather...).

After the sun was completely gone and things were feeling a little chilly, we ducked across the road for fish and chips.

LiT's little girl disappeared inside the shop and we found her behind the counter, charming the two men who worked there. They wanted to send her home with a whole barrel full of Chupa Chups, but LiT politely declined on her behalf. They didn't seem all that keen on my suggestion that I take them off their hands instead. Maybe I need to start wearing more clothes from Pumpkin Patch.


Spud Mack said...

I agree on the Perth comment. Although not a native, I have come to love it. I was asked to move back to Sydney recently which I politely declined knowing full well that I would be made redundant. But when I mentioned that to you lot I was told that the only job I could get would be a swift kick in the behind.

Sometimes you really wonder how well you know these faceless internet aliases that you speak to.

hazelblackberry said...

Spud, I never said the people were any good. But we're glad you're staying.

Anonymous said...

we are so glad you are staying Spud - we need a whipping boy!