18 May 2009

It's a Snap

RobertPlant had obviously been perusing the blog for evidence of himself and didn't like what he found:

"Who is the Greg Kinh Band? Thought I was the only musician on the blog. May have to change name."

And that sound you hear right there is the straining to breaking point of the ties that bind.


Prudence says said...

Oh, the power of bestowing nicknames!

k said...

robertplant? I htought we were calling him rubber plant?
(she says from the safety of a one initial alias)
ps word verification - cryarin

hazelblackberry said...

k. - who's "we", white man?

k said...

me and d, baby.
thats where its at
(loving the word ver today - this one is dicin')
ps obviously minus the apostophe, which has seemingly escaped from higher u in the post