18 May 2009

Behind You!

Last week as Scarab and I were crossing the causeway on our bridges walk, a man on a bicycle came flying along in the other direction and screamed a very loud, very angry and totally unnecessary, "Hey!" right in our faces. We weren't in his way so there was no need to get all excited, and it gave us both quite the startle. We chalked it up to random weird aggressiveness.

This morning RobertPlant forwards me an email from one of his buddies who had obviously written out to a bunch of people, warning them of a lunatic on a bike, menacing and harassing people around the bridges. I got all excited because it sounded like my crazy! I was glad to know he'd made his mark on the world.

So this afternoon when Scarab and I were again doing our walk, I told her all about it.

"Remember that mad guy who yelled at us on the bridge?" I began.

To my suprise, even at this early stage in the story, Scarab needed to intervene on a rather persnickety point: "Yelled at you, haze; he yelled at you. Let's just get that clear."

No wonder friends always say they have your back - it's the best position for making sure the knife gets right in there.


Karen said...

That's very odd. The bicycle guy I mean. Well, also Scarab if it comes to that, but I hesitate to impugn someone I don't really know.

k said...

oh go ahead Karen - we have been doing it for years.

Spud Mack said...

You haven't had a run in with Animal have you? That guy has been an institution riding around Perth for the last 15 years.

hazelblackberry said...

Spud, you could be on the money.