21 April 2009

What size shoe does my mouth take?

I am fortunate that my friends are more gracious than me.


What I meant to say when The Antiquer introduced me to Bruce the Brickie: "Hi, Bruce. It's nice to meet you after hearing so much about you from The A. And a pleasant surprise, too, to see that you don't conform to the stereotypical image of an Australian labourer."

What I did say: "Hi, Bruce. Nice to meet you. From what The A has said about you I was expecting a fat, alcoholic 60-year-old."


What I meant to say after New Girl had stood in line for ages at intermission at Steve Coogan, finally emerging from the crowd with a mini bottle of champagne for us each, and glasses, just as the bell rang to re-enter the theatre: "Thanks for going to all that trouble. What a shame the bell is ringing. Should we just madly drink it all now or do you think we could somehow save these for later?"

What I did say: "Are we going to even bother?"


New Girl said...

And I forgot to tell you that you missed the look on my Dad's face - he bought the drinks!

hazelblackberry said...

Oh no! I'm even more embarrassed!