15 April 2009

Are you talking about the chickens or the ladies?

New Girl is a big fan of Steve Coogan, as is her dad. I don't know anything about him - you mightn't either. No big deal.

Wait. I'm talking about Steve Coogan, not NG's dad. Although...

Anyway. It came to pass that between them they hatched a diabolical plan to go online and buy tickets to his show and get me one as well. Because I may not know much about anything, but I know what I like - particularly when other people are telling me I'll like it.

Last night we trooped along, and I know the reviews of his stand-up have been mixed and all that but, you know, whatevs - I really enjoyed myself. Though in the first half I wasn't sure what amused me more: the show, or New Girl squirming at being stuck next to her dad while the somewhat, er, ribald humour flowed from the stage. The language and concepts were a trifle bawdy and coarse. Adult entertainment, of a sort.

Afterwards New Girl's dad nicked off home and we met up with The Antiquer and Initials in the Tree, who'd also been at the show, for a coffee (and, for The Antiquer, cake). The A and Initials didn't seem too impressed with my driving style - their faces in the rear view mirror looked a little grim as we sped along. But that could have been because upon getting into the car they found a pair of my undies (clean!) on the back seat.

And to think they still had an appetite after that.

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k said...

OMG! Cannot type as convulsed with laughter at that thought! home tonight - pleeeeaaase call me so I can laugh at that again!