07 April 2009

Wax On, Wax Off

I was enjoying my uneventful evening at home when the phone rang. I pounced on it - like a cat - looking forward to a good old chat with whoever it was. To my surpreez, it was Hong Kong Fooey - not someone I tend to expect to find calling me up.

He's arranged for me to act as a kind of mentor - a master to her grasshopper, if you will - to a young girl who loves readin' and writin', and he was calling me to arrange a time when he could take me to introduce me to the girl and her mother. I commented on the loveliness of the girl's name.

"It means little lotus blossom, or something like that," said HKF.

"Oh how pretty!"

"Yeah, I said to [her mother] 'Lotus, huh? Imagine if she marries a man called Mr Position!'"

"You did not say that."

"I did."

"How'd she react?"

"It didn't seem to register. But you can try it. There you go - I'm giving my joke to you and you can take all the credit."

"Thanks. That should go down well."

Our first meeting is next week. The Kama Sutra will not be on my list of recommended reading.

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