13 April 2009

Re: Joyce

Barnaby Joyce is alright in my book:

Then there's Joyce's deconstruction of Jean-Paul Sartre, a take that could have every schoolboy in the country reading French existentialist philosophy: "You read someone like Sartre or Simone de Beauvoir and you think, these people had a pretty wild, dramatic relationship and what's this bloke on about? And in the end, if you look at it through the Australian paradigm of calling bullshit when you see it, you realise, 'JP, you were just having an absolute field day with your dick actually, and trying to be overly complicated about a really quite banal series of experiences.'"
- The Weekend Australian magazine, 11-12 April 2009, p25


Karen said...

Banal, but French. And existentialist. And philosophical. It makes all the difference.

hazelblackberry said...

French? Pshaw! Now some kind of Scottish existentialist, that's another story...