12 April 2009

And we haven't even been to a Tony Robbins seminar!

DJ Pups and I would like you all to remember this: think positive! If negative thinking can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, then positive thinking can be too.

Certainty is not the exclusive domain of negative thinking.


Oh yeah, it's been one of those weekends. Now we're painting henna tattoos on each other.


QE11 said...

Lovey; I love this blog - it's a reminder of the positive altho' I am a bit worried you might go off and join a commune.....

Simon and Garfunkel are playing here in Melb on 24 & 25 June - if that fits with your dates and you want to go; how about I buy you a ticket for you 40th and we go - smoke a spliff maybe?

let me know and let's skype soon. xxx

hazelblackberry said...

Sounds excellent, lovey. You know, er, all of those suggestions. Except joining the commune - too many goddamn hippies.

Will try to Skype tonight.

Carol said...

Very herbal.

Peace out.

QE11 said...

dearest dandelion
the concert is actually the 25 and 26 june so diarise it baby
love lerv and eternal peace xxxx