02 March 2009

"Tyrone, I'm swamped."

New Girl has been struggling with part-time study, loads of work, a wedding to plan and all the other crazy demands of life. Well, actually, I'm the only one who makes crazy demands - but I do make a lot of them! So she decided to drop one of her units - economics; shudder - to give herself some breathing space.

She'd already been contemplating pulling out of the unit but her mind was only made up when she was at my place and saw a beading magazine I'd left lying around. It made her realise that study was sucking her dry, and leaving her with no time to engage in meaningful crafting activities with moi. So she determined there and, like, then that studying economics was a frivolous waste of time and that it had to be banished. It was then just a matter of winning Man Hands round to the idea. He acquiesced, though somewhat reluctantly - I mean, economics is so useful.

But I tell you what, when every surface of their house is covered in tatted doilies and antimacassars, he'll be singing an entirely different tune.

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