01 March 2009

There's a joke here, but I'll leave it alone.

I've just come back from an overnight stay in Moore River with Boxer Girl and her usual tribe. It was all rather fun. As is the way when in BG's company, there was far too much eating and possibly just a little more drinking than necessary. The point is: we all slept well.

Everyone else was staying tonight and they were, rather gratifyingly, urging me to stay too.

"hazelblackberry," said Boxer Girl's mother, in her typical emphatic style, "the only excuse you've got for going is if you have a hot date."

Well, Finny has just come in and he's all warm from sleeping in the sun - does that count?

Anyway, I knew I was getting out while the getting was good: Boxer Girl emerged from the house after lunch to inform us there was only one bottle of champagne left. If they didn't lay their hands on more supplies before dinner time, things were going to get a little unsightly.

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k said...

how about a hot date with me for a beach walk tomorrow morning?