20 March 2009

She works them hard for they money.

I rang DJ Pups to wish her a happy 40th. She had an art exhibition and drinks in Sydney to celebrate the happy event. I didn't even know DJ Pups was doing art and I shall be pressing her for the deets when I see her at Easter time.

Anyway, I liked her idea of an exhibition. The Burp's 40th is this weekend and I'm heading off down south to attend her celebration. When I told Pups this her immediate question was, "But, pet, who will look after the poor little pussy cats?" It's so nice to have someone around who is so completely simpatico when it comes to les chats.

I told her that I'd asked the kids next door - who are 10 and 12 - if they wanted to earn some pocket money by coming over and feeding the cats dinner on Saturday night and breakfast on Sunday morning. While the little blighters are willing, I have no idea what would constitute a reasonable amount of pocket money, bearing in mind that:

- I want them to be willing to take up future cat-sitting responsibilities
- I don't want to create unreasonable expectations in their greedy, prepubescent minds
- I don't want them to think I was too stingy and graffiti my wall in revenge.

DJ Pups admitted to being as stymied as I was re the inflation-recession-pocket money interface. She thought slinging them ten bucks each was reasonable. I don't know. I'm thinking fifteen; I can't afford to upset them - after all, they will have the key to my house.


k said...

ten bucks each - 5 per day/cat

Spud Mack said...

At $15 per cat I think I might offer my services as a cat feeder.

hazelblackberry said...

Yes, but if it was a long-term proposition, Spud, I'd be negotiating a lower rate.