29 March 2009

My Roger So Jolly

Heidi has an Eclectus parrot called Zephy. She sticks a little harness on Zephy so that she can roam far and wide with her. Today, Heidi, Heidi's mum, bird and I all went strolling along the beach before wandering over to the Wild Fig Cafe to meet our friend Hot Lips* for lunch.

Zephy spent most of the meal on my shoulder, with me periodically asking if she'd pooed on me. Not because I really care about having parrot poo on my back, but because I didn't want to inadvertently squish it into my car seat later. She didn't poo. She did shriek a lot, right in my ear, but then I've been listening to plenty of Sinead O'Connor lately so, you know, same diff.

Hot Lips was late to lunch and as she walked in, some people were leaving. She indicated the recent departures and told us, "I overheard them joking that they'd never eaten in the same place as real pirates before."

*Come on, she was an army major!

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