31 March 2009

First Face Second

The belly-dancing teacher said she was about to show us a rather difficult move and did anyone have any lower back problems, because if so then this move was probably not for them. She then demonstrated a move that was so flamboyant and utterly unattractive that it left the class standing stock still and silent for a moment.

Inge de Bruin looked rather perturbed. She leaned over and murmured to me, "I think I just developed a lower back problem."


The teacher couldn't understand why I'd burst out laughing.

We'd staggered through yet another go at our routine. Our instructor said she was impressed with everyone, even extending that - somewhat - to me and Inge! I was just impressed that I'd managed to keep from falling over. I was already dizzy and in a weakened state from the whirling dervish move we were practising when Inge turned to me with one hand on her hip and a look of contempt and said, "Look, I'm just waiting for this class to teach me something challenging."

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