30 March 2009

File This Under 'Life's Too Short'

I was out at dinner on Saturday night with Lost in Translation and a friend of hers who is a lovely girlie girl though quite shy and retiring. So in my usual loud-mouthed way I was giving this poor girl the benefit of my wisdom about the things I thought she should do and see in the few days she's here. I said she should get on a bus for a tour up to the Pinnacles, because it's one of my favourite day-trip destinations, and she was too nice and wind-blown to disagree.

LiT, who has never seen the Pinnacles, was regretting that she couldn't go and I was raving so much about how good they are that I ended up talking myself and them into the idea that if LiT and I could both get Tuesday off work, I'd zoot us all up there. Brilliant!

And, lo, yea verily, it has come to pass that we both have the day off and tomorrow morning we'll be burning up the highway to check out some way ancient stuff. You know, things.



Mintox, even.

I hope the police on the road to Cervantes are as nice as the police on the road to Albany. We'll soon find out.

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