04 March 2009

Big Achievement

I parked in my car bay today for the first time - without incident! Also, helpful circumstance, I got into work at 7 o'clock when I knew all the bays around me would be empty.

New challenge: getting out of that car bay at 1pm when the car park is chockers. There will be sweating, and tears. And that'll just be the onlookers.


Boxer Girl said...

Well done on making it in there - just have a quick champers before lunch and you'll get out no worries

hazelblackberry said...

Thanks for the tip. Yeah, I'll make it out but will the car???

Livewire said...

Well done Haze.

Just don't get cocky.

After two months at the new (Kingston!) pad - I thought I had my cheeky reverse into the tight carport sorted. Until Sunday night - scraaatch.

Lucky I'm with AAMI - although that is another story.

hazelblackberry said...

No fear, Livewire. This rooster does not want to become a feather duster.