03 February 2009

Third Person Butterflies

hazelblackberry has an interview-that-is-not-really-an-interview this afternoon. For a brand new job that both interests and terrifies her. She is surprised to suddenly find herself feeling a little nervous. Even though the job would be fearsome and terrifying, she thinks she rilly wants it and so she rilly wants to impress this afternoon. hazelblackberry thinks that, sometimes, a little knee-trembling terror could be a good thing.

Couldn't it?


k said...

never a bad thing haze old girl...inspires one to new heights, encourages one to dig deeper than one thought one could, exposes one's soft underbelly, that kind of thing! Hope it went well.

Karen said...

You've got an interview for a knee-trembler?

Erm, sorry. Couldn't resist.

hazelblackberry said...

Yeah, my profession is one of the oldest. Jeez, I had that coming.