10 February 2009

Smelling the Roses

When I got down to the beach this morning for a walk I was feeling a little grumbly. Mostly it was about how dark it was and bloody daylight savings and I'll be voting 'no' at the referendum - that's no, NO, NO!!! (And that won't count as an informal ballot because my voting intention will be clear.)

And then I was wandering along the beach and my grumbly thoughts dissipated as I was entranced by the brilliant full moon hanging in the sky, the silvery path it made across the water and the shimmery purple colours washing over the sea and the sand. So I abandoned my walk and sat down and admired the view and watched it change as the sun slowly rose somewhere behind me.

When so many lives are devastated, it's a miracle to be able to appreciate the simple beauty of an ordinary day.


Spud Mack said...

I know this post has other, more significant parts, but amen to the NO vote on daylight saving!

k said...

Oh Bah humbug. I will be voting yes yes yes!
(it doesn't make any diference to my child - he won't go to bed day or night)

New Girl said...

I saw that sky. I was driving to the office and the moon was so silver in the purple sky. By the time I got to my desk it was sitting in a pink/brown haze above the ocean and I could see the sun rising over the hills. The river was just beautiful, so calm. I was distracted for a bit and when I looked again the moon was gone. I wished I had sat and watched it so I am glad you did!