10 February 2009

A Pen For Your Thoughts

When I was seventeen, Bloody Ern tightened his already significantly cinched belt and sent me off to the US for a year. I stayed with DrSeeGud and his family, who showed me a terrific time.

We were camping down in Mexico in the September. DrSeeGud left a can of something cheesy in the fire one night. There we were, feeling cosy and convivial, when the can exploded, covering me in strings of hot, melted cheese. Actually, the flight through the air must have cooled it considerably because it hardly did me any harm.

You may be surprised to learn that I nevertheless dramatised the affair in my diary and read it out for everyone's entertainment. DrSeeGud scoffed at my version of events, demanding that I insert various clarifications, and declared, "Yours is going to be the first diary with a rebuttal section."

And then, look, all these years later - I have a blog.

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