24 February 2009

Reflections On An Evening; Or, My Head Hurts

1. How embarrassing.

2. Do they allow mercy killings yet?

3. Why didn't anybody stop me??

4. I could have danced all night....

5. So, er, who actually won, like, the stuff?

6. Big thanks to all my best girlie friends for rocking up, frocking up and looking FAB.

7. Huge thanks to k. for cleaning up. Clearly I was not in any condition to do so. And I'm not now, either.


new girl said...

1 - oh no! Did you sleep on the lawn as you planned?
3 - I did try; Who do you think kept replacing your champagne with water?
5 - Football was the winner. (Honourable mentions to Kanye West & Jack Handey)

k said...

It wasn't just me, it was everyone! So thanks to everyone for doing the work so I could take the credit.(And big thanks to New Girl for having the grace not to jump up and down and say "I did clean up too!" Very dignified of you.)