23 February 2009

New Girl Confirms "The Night Has Got Quite Messy"

It took me 40 minuez to tpw that headibg.,

Live ith ity. peeps.

(it looks like tey just fel over on te way tyo the kitchen to get om s[ring rolls says new girl)


natasha said...

Watch Natsha Naked!

k said...

see that's what happens when you make your Oscars do rude things -Natasha wants to get naked

new girl said...

Oh dear! hb, I think your blog has to get Back On Track toot sweet! It's a good job you won't remember most of the things said last night that would provoke more Natashas to visit.
You have k to thank for most of the tidying up. And we all thank YOU for such a fun night.
Ha! the word verification is: burifigh. That might even be your first word this morning!