08 February 2009

The Azure

Despite the formidable wind, Heidi and I took the kayaks out to Seal Island this morning. We got buffeted around but it was worth it to see the seals and pelican chicks. Pelican chicks!

Nothing beats being out on the ocean. The river is peaceful - idyllic even - but the ocean is really living.

It was a long paddle back to shore into the headwind, but we just kept chugging along. A man in a little dinghy came over to us twice to check we were okay, and did we need a hand getting back to the beach. We can be a pretty good lot sometimes, us humans.

Later at the cafe where we were eating brekky we freaked the young waitress out ordering just eggs on toast.

"You can have bacon and eggs on toast. But I don't know about just eggs. I'll have to check with the kitchen."

Turns out it was okay. Well, phew.


Karen said...

My friend wanted to buy some mashed potatoes from a cafe, but it was a problem. The answer was, "The kitchen won't allow it. They're afraid they'll run out of mashed potatoes and not have enough for the customers."

So, is she not a customer? She didn't ask for free mashed potatoes. She wanted to buy them. Doesn't that make her a customer?

(Well, not anymore -- and never again, apparently.)

k. said...

I have to ask...what did she want them for?

hazelblackberry said...

er, k., I think to EAT them. Just how much sleep did you get last night?