24 February 2009

Huge Ackman

Because I'm in no position to recall, in detail, the events of yester eve, New Girl kindly sent me a document describing the evening's highlights. I'm not going to blog them all. Probably especially not "Acceptance speech lines we would all use". But here's a couple that are suitable for public consumption:


We watched Heath’s family accept his award. His sister addressed Health directly.

"He’s not there!" yelled Canned Ham from the back of the room.
"He’s floating above them all, that’s how it works," New Girl informed her.
"He was Batman not Superman," she replied.


I was taking some photos and when it came time to snap Girls Boxer and New and Canned Ham, the Girls complied but the Ham carried on a treat. Like a pork chop, even. So I told her that she takes a lovely photo when she relaxes and smiles.

Canned Ham: "Me, look good? That’s not natural. [then posing, but noticing] My glass is empty!"
New Girl: "Now that's not natural."

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