17 February 2009

And Javed

Uber-woman Sarah Ulmer was in town for a quick visit. I popped in to see her at her parents' place. You may recall that I was at uni last year with Sarah's dad, Lyle Lovett. While I was visiting one of her sisters wandered in and looked confused when I was introduced as "a mutual friend of me and Dad".

Later Sarah's brother came home. He drifted into the kitchen, just behind where we were sitting. Lyle was busy organising dinner when the brother decided to tackle him. I was facing the kitchen and could hear the grunting and groaning - around the food? mercy! - and could see two heads occasionally bobbing up above the bench top. Lyle was struggling and begged his son to stop, but the onslaught was merciless. Sarah Ulmer was clearly not oblivious to the goings-on behind her but she just kept on chatting away, apparently unconcerned as the young buck savaged the pater familiaris.

No wonder she's such a warrior woman. They may be a farming family but it's the law of the jungle that rules in that house.

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