13 January 2009

Shootin' It

k. and I were contemplating doing something arty together. [When I told Scarab this she simply said, "At some point in their lives, all women want to do pottery." She made me feel very middle-aged. But then, she is slightly older than me so I suppose she's allowed.]

As we spoke k. was browsing internet sites for places that might facilitate our hitherto hidden artiness.

"Here's a place advertising for artists-in residence. Perhaps we should apply to be artists-in-residence?"

"Yeah, sure. Bullshit-artists-in-residence."

1 comment:

k. said...

Please tell Scarab that i have wanted to do pottery since i was ten, but never before has the alignment of time, funds and geography been at all favourable. (also i wanted to be a nun, but i don't think that alignment will ever be favourable).