09 January 2009

The Machine of a Dream

I let a car into the line of traffic yesterday. I didn't get a wave of thanks. This irritated me for a little while and I muttered dark and doom-laden things to myself about ill-mannered drivers. But you can't let these things get you down or change your behaviour. Just because one person doesn't wave, it doesn't mean they all won't wave. You have to keep letting the cars in. And you hope for the best.


Karen said...

It's true, they don't all wave all the time, but you can't let it get you down.

Mary Bennet said...

Poor hb. I probably would have waved - unless I was on the phone.

Do you expect people you don't run over at pedestrian crossings to wave as well? B always waves and says I should too but I argue that it's not really optional for the cars to stop. I do smile at them sometimes though.

hazelblackberry said...

Oh yeah, the pedestrian crossing wave is an important part of the social contract. It's a good reinforcing message. Though I sometimes fret that my wave looks like an imperious command to stop. It's tricky, all this non-verbal communication.

Karen - precisely. Nothing a good, short-lived mutter can't fix.