17 November 2008

Pump the Music Up, Selector

I was driving around the other day


Let me begin again.

I was hooning around the other day, fiddling with my iPod ["Your eyes are everywhere but on the road!" - Bloody Ern, circa anytime after I got my licence], and when I looked up I had to slam on the brakes as the cars in front of me had slowed right down. After I'd got over the small shock I was, naturally, a bit embarrassed. The person in front of me had obviously been watching me in their rear view mirror and when I stopped they gave me a wave as if to say, no hard feelings, we've all been idiots. So I gave him a wave back. It made me feel better.

An hour later, still hooning, but with a responsible eye on traffic conditions, I had come to a stop behind a line of cars and happened to glance in my own rear view mirror as the car behind me skidded to a mad halt. The driver was a very tired looking man who had been busy looking around at a small child in the back seat and missed what was happening in front of him. He put his hand over his face in a sort of despairing gesture and when he pulled it away and looked up I gave him a wave. He waved back and his face looked more relaxed.

We're all connected by little threads of kindness if we want to be.

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