18 January 2009

I've seen you wrapping presents when it's no one's birthday!

Yesterday I ended up driving The Antiquer and his mother-in-law to Margaret River, and then me and The Antiquer home again. We were dropping the m-i-l, who is over from Scotland, down to Tam O'Shanter and Small Thing, who are holidaying down there. [But Tam O'Shanter is still running about a thousand miles a day. Maybe my priorities are all skew-whiff, but that doesn't sound like a holiday to me.]

As we passed through Vasse the m-i-l asked what it was named for.

"A French sailor, I think."

"Yeah," said The Antiquer, "Just think. If the French had colonised Australia this whole area might have become a vast wine-producing region."

Boom tish indeed.

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