22 January 2009

Creepy Song

Young Girl by Gary Puckett & the Union Gap.

When Ern and I were jolting down some road to camp at some fishing hole - that had to be kept secret from the world lest even one other person stumble across it and it become "stuffed" - I'd dread this song coming up on whatever country collection tape we were listening to. I never had to beg him to fast forward it. I think he thought it was creepy too. Not good daddy-daughter sing-along material.

But at least the video provides some much-needed comic relief.


Karen said...

Eek, those dolls were creepy.

Anonymous said...

I guess now's not the right time to say how much I like that song.

Mind you ... those dolls really are creepy.

hazelblackberry said...

Different strokes, Rodney.

Funnily enough, the dolls were not the most offensive thing about that video for me.

Anonymous said...

Now don´t you be speaking badly about Gary. Gary rules, even if his haircut is slightly out of date