02 December 2008

Fall of the House of Ewing

I spent Sunday afternoon at Boxer Girl's celebrating her birthday. For the few hours I was there it was just her family and in-laws, all of whom I love. The only person who could have improved the gathering was Canned Ham, who was off livening up another get-together.

As families so often do, they started to gossip about absent relatives. One of Boxer Girl's cousins has recently moved with her partner and son back to Manjimup to take over her father's cherry orchard. Boxer Girl thinks that becoming landed gentry has made her cousin a bit high and mighty. BG called her to chat to her about something and was, apparently, told rather imperiously, "I can't stay on the phone, we're doing our succession planning."

"Christ Almighty," said Boxer Girl after she told us. "I'm going to have to start calling her Miss Ellie."

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